Jenniffer Weigel, Psychics, Healers, & Mediums: A Journalist, a Road Trip, and Voices from the Other Side

Jenniffer Weigel

Jenniffer Weigel

Since the dawn of time, people have been fascinated by those who claim to have extraordinary psychic abilities. It is safe to say that many of those psychics are either extraordinary frauds or extraordinarily deluded. But could some of them be legitimate, with real gifts that can be used to help and heal? For 20 years, Emmy Award-winning journalist Jenniffer Weigel has been interviewing and investigating mediums, psychics, and healers. She gives us the fruits of her in-depth interviews with folks like Thomas John, Judith Orloff, Concetta Bertoldi, Caroline Myss, Echo Bodine, Rebecca Rosen, Paul Selig, and Michael Bodine. Also, Jenniffer got readings for both herself and and an individual previously unknown to the medium, psychic, or healer. She puts these psychically gifted people to the test―and the results are startling and profound. Listen in if you’re fascinated with communication with the dead, the idea of an afterlife, and the possibility of nontraditional healing.

Learn more about Jenniffer Weigel: jenweigel.com

Sandra Marinella, The Story You Need to Tell: Writing to Heal from Trauma, Illness, or Loss

Sandra Marinella

Sandra Marinella

Most of us have a story inside waiting to be told. Sandra Marinella can help. She’s done years of pioneering work with veterans and cancer patients, as well as teaching writing and researching its profound healing properties.

Riveting true stories illustrate her methods for understanding, telling, and editing personal stories in ways that foster resilience and renewal. She also shares her own experience of using journaling and expressive writing to navigate challenges including breast cancer and postpartum depression.

Marinella explores how our myths, our metaphors, and our meaning are born of the stories we choose to tell. Each of the techniques, prompts, and exercises she shares helps us “to unravel the knot inside” and move forward toward greater well being.

Learn more about Sandra Marinella: www.storyyoutell.com

Stephanie Carnes, Mending a Shattered Heart: A Guide for Partners of Sex Addicts

Stephanie Carnes

Stephanie Carnes

Sex addicts don't always show their deepest sexual desires to their loved ones. How can you tell whether your partner is simply behaving badly or truly suffers from a disease called sex addiction? When you discover that the person you loved and trusted most in the world is hiding from you, the result can be devastating.

Sex addiction therapist Dr. Stephanie Carnes helps you face that heartbreak and betrayal. She gives you a comprehensive guide to examining the relationship, including difficult questions like “Should I Stay or Should I Go?, How Do I Set Boundaries and Keep Myself Safe?, What Does It Mean if My Partner Has Shown an Interest in Minors? and "What should I tell the kids?".

She weaves real-life stories with practical therapeutic advice and specific tasks that gently educate, empower, and guide the partner of the sex addict through a process of recovery. Both you and your partner can discover hope and healing. 

Learn more about Stephanie Carnes: iitap.com/blog/portfolio_page/dr-stefanie-carnes

Rachel Harris, Listening to Ayahuasca

Rachel Harris

Rachel Harris

Ayahuasca, the psychedelic brew from the Amazon rainforest, is now being used (illegally) in North America for individual healing, consciousness exploration, or spirituality!

As a result of her own personal experience, research scientist and psychotherapist Rachel Harris created the largest study to date of what happens following an ayahuasca ceremony — if people find lasting relief from depression and anxiety; if those with alcohol problems permanently stop drinking; if transcendent experiences with ayahuasca translate into a more spiritual life; and more.

She’ll describe her findings, including miracle cures of depression and addiction, therapeutic breakthroughs, spiritual revelations, and challenging or bad trips. If you’re thinking about taking it, you’ll be able to make an informed decision. If you’ve experienced it, you’ll get creative ways to work therapeutically with your experiences. And she’ll offer insight to therapists who work with people after their ayahuasca journey.

“This is not a simple story about healing,” writes Dr. Harris. “The risks are significant, but the opportunity is beyond what Western medicine and psychotherapy can offer.”

Learn more about Rachel Harris: www.listeningtoayahuasca.com

Eric Maisel, Overcoming Your Difficult Family: 8 Skills for Thriving in Any Family Situation


Would it kill you to call your mother? You and your sister aren’t speaking...again...  If you don’t have a picture-postcard family, where everyone loves one another, roots for one another, and never criticizes one another, listen in.

Life coach and retired family therapist Eric Maisel offers useful strategies for dealing with the people you’re connected to for life, even when they are not cooperative. Dr. Maisel tackles the problematic aspects of families, describing eight vital skills to help you cope with challenging relationships. The book also serves as a unique “field guide” to common types of dysfunctional families — authoritarian, anxious, addicted, and more — and how to thrive despite those dynamics.

By following Dr. Maisel’s battle-tested advice, you’ll learn to maintain inner peace in the midst of family chaos and create a better life for everybody.

Learn more about Eric Maisel: EricMaisel.com

Megan McFeely, As She Is: Reclaiming the Feminine

Megan McFeely

Megan McFeely

Come along on Megan McFeely’s personal journey as she rediscovers and reclaims the feminine qualities of the human psyche, qualities neglected and suppressed in the West for millennia and yet essential for our survival and wholeness. Her message serves as a wake-up call for both men and women.

But more important, it offers a contemplative glimpse into what it means to connect with the feminine potential that exists within us all. The healing power of the feminine can redress a world out of balance, taking you deep inside yourself and sending you back full of energy and hope.

Learn more about Megan McFeely www.AsSheIs.com


Sandra Easter, Jung and the Ancestors

Sandra Easter

Sandra Easter

Where do we all come from? Do you know who your ancestors were...and how they may be influencing you today? Jung teacher Sandra Easter introduces us to a powerful mode of psychological inquiry that engages them as living presences shaping who we are and the lives we live. Beyond our personal biography, we can find evidence of them in dreams, visions, and symptoms of illness, and in nature and the land on which we live.

Sandra shares real-life examples of women who, by establishing dialogues with the ancestors, have been able to work through personal and generational trauma and wounds, healing themselves and those in their ancestral lines. Her work can change the way you understand yourself and your relationship to those in your past and your future.

You can find her on Facebook, Sandra Easter PhD.

Matthew Fox, A Way to God

Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox

Are you full of awe, delight, amazement (Via Positiva)? Or silence, darkness, and suffering (Via Negativa)? Birthing, creativity, passion (Via Creativa) or justice, compassion, healing, celebration, and service (Via Transformativa)? These are the four paths of Creation Spirituality we travel on the way to God.

Matthew Fox, theologian and bestselling author, says every one of us is a mystic, an artist, and a prophet! He’ll talk about Trappist monk and social justice activist Thomas Merton’s ways of mixing contemplation and action, and how you can find a reliable connection with the underground river of Divine wisdom. 

Learn more about Matthew Fox: www.matthewfox.org

Gloria Kaye, Healer's Hands, Healer's Heart


Wounds heal up overnight. Arthritis, bone abnormalities, and bone spurs dissipate. Chronic back pain evaporates. Professional athletes see instant recovery from injuries. Not soap opera miracles, but actual healings from the hands of Dr. Gloria Kaye, a highly regarded psychotherapist, yoga therapy pioneer, hands-on healer and UCLA Medical School lecturer on Healing Touch.

She shares in-depth insights, practical techniques and inspiring stories of success with non-traditional healing...and she believes that everyone has the power to heal, and will start you on the path to opening your own healing channel!

Learn more about Gloria Kaye: www.drgloriakaye.com

Debra Schildhouse, Bio Touch: Healing with the Power in Our Fingertips


Touch can feel wonderful...and it can be healing. Debra Schildhouse shares a simple, gentle, loving touch technique using just two fingers from each hand that changed her life. She’ll tell the story of Paul Bucky, whose recovery from a severe backache inspired the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics that has healed thousands of people without charging a dime. You’ll hear stories of results that were called “miraculous” and open the window to your own healing. 

Learn more about Debra Schildhouse: www.debraschildhouse.com and http://www.justtouch.com/

Dr. Bernie Siegel on the art of healing


Renowned medical doctor and spiritual teacher Bernie Siegel demonstrates how science and spirituality interact — and how you can tap your body’s potential to heal. Back in the day, he listened to his patients who had cancer, and learned about the role of attitude in healing. It took a while to convince the medical establishment, but now he's a foremost authority on unconventional healing practices, including drawing, visualization, dreams, love, and laughter. He'll share stories from his practice and hands-on, patient-proven techniques that can create miracles...and leave you laughing!

Learn more: www.BernieSiegelmd.com


Tina Benson, A Woman Unto Herself


Imagine discovering the man you love is a narcissist with a double life! Tune in for the heartbreaking account of Tina's journey to understanding how she fell in love with a narcissist, why she stayed in the relationship for so long, and how it related to her childhood traumas and losses.

Using her 30+ years of experience as a life coach and spiritual teacher, she expertly weaves together the perspective of a woman, a clinician, and a spiritual warrior. If you have looked for love in all the wrong places, hoped that someone "out there" will make you feel complete and whole, and are yearning to find a relationship with your own "Inner Beloved," Tina will inspire you and guide your way home. Move through love, loss, passion, betrayal, heartbreak, to forgiveness, healing, and redemption. 

Learn more about Tina Benson: www.soulwhisperer.com


Janet Roseman & then Margaret Cahill, two wise and real women on healing with cancer

Janet Roseman

Janet Roseman

Margaret Cahill

Margaret Cahill

Two women who have had intimate experiences with cancer share their insights and inspiration here. 

Janet Roseman's book is If Joan of Arc had Cancer, and she sees Joan, the fourteenth-century teenager who led the armies of France before facing the Inquisition, as an icon of feminine courage and faith: what we need when we face a diagnosis of cancer or any life-threatening disease. Drawing directly from the words Joan spoke at her trial, Janet presents thirty-one Flames of Courage and thirty-one Gateways to resurrect inner fortitude and create an environment for healing. Her approach encompasses body, mind, and spirit and will help you access and reclaim your personal power to find healing and peace in your journey.        

Margaret Cahill blogged her way through mantle cell lymphoma, sharing the good and bad days as she slowly turned the tide against her internal foe. Diagnosed in 2012, the author resorted to a blog to keep in touch with friends, and unwittingly ended up writing about the good, the bad, and the ugly side of cancer. Is there a good? Very possibly. Bad and ugly, definitely. There is also an extremely funny side - wry observations that bring humor into an otherwise bleak landscape which included chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. She’ll share advice on nutrition and alternative therapies from her book, Under Cover of Darkness, an invaluable source of information for cancer patients and their carers.

Learn more: twitter Janet Lynn Roseman@dancejan      Blog  margaretcahill.wordpress.com

Francine Vale, Song of the Heart: Walking the Path of Light


With life’s everyday challenges and all the trauma occurring around the world, it’s easy to get lost in the negativity and forget all that we do have.

Francine shares the story of how she came from broken-glass-strewn streets of the East Bronx to an astounding revelation of the Structure of All That Is and learned what she was meant to do: help others let go of fear and frustration and open their hearts to love and healing. Her tips offer guidance on how we can see through the darkness and be grateful, accept divine timing and feel renewed as a result. Listen in for some inspiring and thought-provoking tips on how to be thankful in the face of adversity.

Learn more about Francine Vale:  www.francinevale.com