Relationship Spring Cleaning checklist

Your Spring Relationship Cleaning checklist…do you have one? Like everything else, relationships go through cycles and phases… sometimes we face really long, long harsh and lonely droughts, or painful, drawn-out intense periods, or perhaps you're currently enjoying the "pink cloud” effect of a new love! Wherever you find yourself, I am here to help you get ready for Spring

Is your password strong?

A very attractive single mom recently told me this story: She had met a man and felt sure he was the man of her dreams. There was a synchronicity about their meeting she could not ignore; the chemistry was electric and the sex, she said, was the best she had ever had—in her life, I might add. It had to be love, she gushed! But she had a question for me. “What do you think this means?

Are you and your husband for real?

People ask me all the time; are you and your husband for real. “Because if you are, I want that too!” If it is defined as a relationship where two people respect each other, wake up every day wondering how they can make each other’s life better and more fulfilling, punctuated by a definition of love not for the faint of heart, “I want what you want for yourself,” then I say, “yes,” it’s for real. The caveat being, how we got to have it involved some critical elements. One of which was

Getting Ready

I was about 12 when I starting feeling insecure about the way I looked. Up until then I didn’t really think about it too much, aside from a stream of remarks prophesying my future as a “pretty girl.” People didn’t gasp when they saw me but they did mention, “Oh, she’s going to be a beauty when she grows up,” “You’re gonna break some hearts,” “You’re so pretty when you smile,” etc. Somewhere in the back of my mind I had a vague idea that this was going to mean something someday… Then it happened, almost overnight.