Pro Life? How about Pro Dad?

First, this is a rant, not a blog. I hope you will indulge me anyway. There are few things I feel more passionate about, and I know I am not alone. Having been a single mom for over ten years, I know so many of you can, do and will relate. And I must warn you, it’s rated R, so I apologize in advance for any offense that may occur. Here we go…

The last 5 of 10 tips for combating the High-Maintenance Blues, + bonus!

6)   Be a conscious ROLE MODEL.What are we saying to our girls? This is a tough reality but well worth looking at. And what are we saying to our young men? That women are objects, that men should like this fake version versus the real? Did our mothers teach us nothing, did our grandmothers and sisters and all the women who fought for our freedom not teach us that we are enough? All I am saying is, be clear about one thing; they are not only watching, but