Eve Hogan and Maryanne on how EROS can help you create intimacy in the New Year

Eros is the god of love, right? Eve Hogan's EROS equation (Event + Response = Outcome & Solution) is a “Soul-ution” for relationships. Based on the idea that it is our own response to a situation—rather than the situation itself—that creates a particular outcome, The EROS Equation is a unique approach to improving relationships.

Instead of focusing on difficult partners or problems, Eve gives techniques for unearthing patterns or behavior we are not aware of that might be getting in our way of experiencing intimacy. Maryanne chimes in with her own tools to help you create healthy, fulfilling, sustainable relationships, beginning within...and have fun doing that! Come away with useful new ways to set your intention for more intimacy this year.  

Dr. Bernie Siegel on the art of healing


Renowned medical doctor and spiritual teacher Bernie Siegel demonstrates how science and spirituality interact — and how you can tap your body’s potential to heal. Back in the day, he listened to his patients who had cancer, and learned about the role of attitude in healing. It took a while to convince the medical establishment, but now he's a foremost authority on unconventional healing practices, including drawing, visualization, dreams, love, and laughter. He'll share stories from his practice and hands-on, patient-proven techniques that can create miracles...and leave you laughing!

Learn more: www.BernieSiegelmd.com


Ruth Danner, Make A World Of Difference One Quilt At A Time


Quilts exemplify precious things: comfort through the warmth they provide; community, since they are often created by groups; and love, given the time and effort they require.

Ruth Danner pieced together 55 true, inspirational stories of quilters and quilt-enthusiasts who use their skills to help others. Generosity, compassion, and unselfishness characterize these folks as they go about their quiet work, seeking no recognition — only the satisfaction of giving care and comfort to people in need.

Want to raise money, raise awareness, raise hopes? A quilt can accomplish any or all of these. Even if you don't sew, you can get inspired to turn something you love doing into a way of showing love! 

Learn more about Ruth Danner: www.ruthdanner.com


Tina Benson, A Woman Unto Herself


Imagine discovering the man you love is a narcissist with a double life! Tune in for the heartbreaking account of Tina's journey to understanding how she fell in love with a narcissist, why she stayed in the relationship for so long, and how it related to her childhood traumas and losses.

Using her 30+ years of experience as a life coach and spiritual teacher, she expertly weaves together the perspective of a woman, a clinician, and a spiritual warrior. If you have looked for love in all the wrong places, hoped that someone "out there" will make you feel complete and whole, and are yearning to find a relationship with your own "Inner Beloved," Tina will inspire you and guide your way home. Move through love, loss, passion, betrayal, heartbreak, to forgiveness, healing, and redemption. 

Learn more about Tina Benson: www.soulwhisperer.com


Robert Moss, Sidewalk Oracles: Playing with Signs, Symbols & Synchronicity in Ordinary Life


You are at the center of a multidimensional universe. The doors to the otherworld open from wherever you are—and the traffic moves both ways. You can walk the roads of waking life as a conscious dreamer, noticing how the world is speaking to you through signs, symbols, and the play of synchronicity—sidewalk oracles.

Robert Moss gives us practical and playful techniques to help us enlist the wisdom from the world around us to realize our deepest goals and wildest dreams. His inspiring and compelling perspective is a powerful reminder that every day can be a play day with an opportunity to make real magic.

Learn more about Robert Moss: www.mossdreams.com


Bob Wheeler, The Money Nerve: Navigating the Emotions of Money


Bob goes straight to the intersection of your heart and your wallet, the "money nerve," talking about the “why” of poor financial decision making. He gives you ways to

  • Replace outdated belief systems related to money
  • Overcome fears around money
  • Have a healthy relationship with money
  • Create honest budgets and change your mental maps to be more proactive and positive in your money-making decisions.

When you’re clear on your emotional response to money, you’ve got a path to financial freedom! And did we mention he’s got a great sense of humor?

Learn more about Bob Wheeler: www.themoneynerve.com


Steve Sisgold, Whole Body Intelligence: Get out of your head and into your body


Do you sometimes clench your jaw during a tense conversation? Do your shoulders crawl up under your earlobes regularly? Steve teaches you how to interpret subtle body sensations, linking them to negative thoughts and behaviors that are impeding your success and happiness.

Using Steve's tips and techniques, you'll learn how to recognize the patterns and imprints that have shaped your experiences and how to change them. Channel the power of your body to achieve your wildest dreams! 

Learn more about Steve Sisgold: www.wholebodyintelligence.com


Carolyn Hobbs, Free Yourself: Ten Life-Changing Powers of Your Wise Heart


Discover your capacity to overcome obstacles and find unlimited joy. Our heart already is who we want to be in the world—trusting, curious, aware, resourceful, compassionate, kind, grateful, forgiving, truthful, and peaceful. If we manage to listen deeply, we can access these traits and the strengths they bring.

Therapist Carolyn Hobbs draws from her years of counseling experience and her spiritual practice to give us clear tools we can use to find freedom and inner peace—to tame anxiety, anger, grief, and despair while awakening fearless love. All we have to do is listen to our wise hearts. 

Learn more about Carolyn Hobbs: www.carolyn-hobbs.com


Dr. Craig Malkin, Rethinking Narcissism: The bad—and surprising good—about feeling special


“What is Narcissism?” Seems like it’s bad.

Dr. Craig Malkin offers a radically new model for understanding that it’s a spectrum of self-importance—and everyone falls somewhere on the scale between utter selflessness and total arrogance. He explains why embracing the drive to feel special is essential to maintaining a healthy sense of self-worth. He’ll help you avoid the temptations and dangers of extreme narcissism—and narcissists—in both the real world and cyberspace.

Everyone, including people who don’t feel special enough, can find their voices and live more passionate, fulfilling lives! Find out how much of a narcissist you really are with his revealing test: www.drcraigmalkin.com/the-narcissism-test

Learn more about Dr. Craig Malkin: www.drcraigmalkin.com



Karen Tate, Voices of the Sacred Feminine: Conversations to Re-Shape Our World


Most of us have come to realize that a male-dominated society revering solely a male God is not working for Mother Earth...or most of the people on the planet.

What happened to the sacred feminine? How do we counter belief that there is no option but the authoritarian father? How do ideas that permeate every level of society from womb to tomb, boardroom to bedroom, voting booth to the workplace shift into a more fair, equal, just, feminine world of partnership, sharing, caring and peace?

Rev. Dr. Karen Tate helps us imagine it, vision it, and restore ancient truths, with solutions from visionaries, scholars, way-showers, foremothers, and activists—women and men—dedicated to reshaping our world. 

Learn more about Karen Tate: www.karentate.com


Laura Fenamore, Skinny, Fat, Perfect: Love Who You See in the Mirror


If you don't always love who you see in the mirror, tune in for Laura Fenamore's perspective! She released 100 pounds permanently, and overcame the self-loathing and addiction that dominated her life.

Not a diet or an exercise regime, she'll share her tips for returning to self-love, healing old wounds, and being happy in your body at any size or age, fat or not. It’s time to abandon the popular fear-based and fight-oriented diet paradigm, and instead see how accepting ourselves and our bodies will lead to natural, healthy, and sustainable weight. Laura shares the techniques she uses to help her students break free of the diet mentality, release weight healthily, and see themselves in a new, loving light, for good.

Learn more about Laura Fenamore: www.SkinnyFatPerfect.com, and you can go to www.OnePinky.com for gifts!



Lauren Urasek, The Ups and Downs of Online Dating from the Most Popular Girl in New York City


Tried online dating...or scared to? With more than 15,000 4- and 5-star ratings, an average of 35 messages per day, and hundreds of thousands of profile views from interested suitors, Lauren Urasek was dubbed the most sought-after woman in the city by New York mag.

She'll dish about the ups and downs of dating in the city that never sleeps. She's run the gamut of the nominally "single and ready to mingle" males of New York City, from dudes who went in for a kiss within the first ten minutes to one who conducted an impromptu “girlfriend job interview.” You'll hear some real talk about what works—and what doesn't.

Learn more about Lauren Urasek: www.theyreallysaidthis.com


Renee Mollan-Masters, You are Smarter than You Think!


Ever wondered if you were "stupid" because you were unable to keep up in school or compete with others in learning situations?

Renee uses research-based methods to transform any learning situation to one that worked for over 100,000 students, and will work for you! She goes to the heart of what people feel about themselves and straight to the learning mind. That nagging little doubt, I am not very smart, will disappear, as you learn that you really are smarter than you think...and find your own ways of being intelligent.

Learn more about Renee Mollan-Masters: youaresmarterthanyouthink.com


People First! Nick Hansen & Deepak Kumar giving kids a chance in India


 A small child sat on old sacking with a few school books outside his government village school waiting for a teacher who never came...Deepak Kumar and Nick Hansen were moved to start a simple school in 1992 in the village of Piani in Jharkhand, India, in 1992. People First was born. Now employing over 70 people (nearly all service providers), the Trust places local people in charge of their own lives. Get inspired to make a difference here!

Learn more about People First: peoplefirstindia.net

Janet Roseman & then Margaret Cahill, two wise and real women on healing with cancer

Janet Roseman

Janet Roseman

Margaret Cahill

Margaret Cahill

Two women who have had intimate experiences with cancer share their insights and inspiration here. 

Janet Roseman's book is If Joan of Arc had Cancer, and she sees Joan, the fourteenth-century teenager who led the armies of France before facing the Inquisition, as an icon of feminine courage and faith: what we need when we face a diagnosis of cancer or any life-threatening disease. Drawing directly from the words Joan spoke at her trial, Janet presents thirty-one Flames of Courage and thirty-one Gateways to resurrect inner fortitude and create an environment for healing. Her approach encompasses body, mind, and spirit and will help you access and reclaim your personal power to find healing and peace in your journey.        

Margaret Cahill blogged her way through mantle cell lymphoma, sharing the good and bad days as she slowly turned the tide against her internal foe. Diagnosed in 2012, the author resorted to a blog to keep in touch with friends, and unwittingly ended up writing about the good, the bad, and the ugly side of cancer. Is there a good? Very possibly. Bad and ugly, definitely. There is also an extremely funny side - wry observations that bring humor into an otherwise bleak landscape which included chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. She’ll share advice on nutrition and alternative therapies from her book, Under Cover of Darkness, an invaluable source of information for cancer patients and their carers.

Learn more: twitter Janet Lynn Roseman@dancejan      Blog  margaretcahill.wordpress.com

Jane Ely, Coming into Balance: A Guide for Activating Your True Potential


What do you do when your life is out of whack and nothing seems to work? How do you bring back perspective and understanding and come back into balance?

Master healer and author Dr. Jane Ely shares spiritual healing practices based upon the timeless universal wisdom of the Medicine Wheel. She offers insights and inspiration for personal and global transformation. We learn to activate the insightful healer within to free ourselves from the old story that keeps us stuck in the past; we are led into self-discovery and a keener sense of awakened consciousness.

Learn more about Jane Ely: www.drjaneely.net and www.peacemakerschool.org


Eldon Taylor, Gotcha! The Subordination of Free Will


A silent battle is raging for the territory of your mind. The weapons are so covert that most of us have remained unaware of them. Our very decision processes are being managed and manipulated, and the quest for discovering our real selves is becoming exponentially more difficult. 

Eldon Taylor lays bare the current uses of many sophisticated techniques, and reveals how we can keep others from puppeting our thoughts and reclaim our free will. It's time for the 99% to get up, get together, reunite, and speak up, responding wisely, acting without reacting. It's a cosmic dare to reclaim our conscience and free ourselves from the tyranny of fear and greed that has led to narcissistic neediness. We can fuse consciousness and competence and come together to ignite a resolution of compassion, liberty, and justice! 

Learn more about Eldon Taylor: eldontaylor.com

Alka Dhillon, The OM Factor: A Woman's Spiritual Guide to Leadership


How can successful women balance seemingly conflicting interests: ambition to pursue demanding careers, dedication to home and family, desire for intellectual self-improvement, and yearning for fulfillment of emotional and spiritual needs?

CEO Alka Dhillon brings us seven "plug-and-play" tools designed to quickly deliver effective results in emotionally challenging situations. Then she'll talk about ways to cultivate seven important traits to achieve spiritual evolution, supported by corresponding yoga poses. Internal fulfillment plus successful leadership that empowers everybody!

Learn more about Alka Dhillon: www.thespiritualceo.com



Michelle Gielan, Broadcasting Happiness: The Science of Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change


We are all constantly broadcasting information, even if we don’t say a word, and those messages shape others’ views of the world. Our words can move other people from a fear-based mindset in which they see obstacles as insurmountable, to a positive mindset where they see that change is possible, get unstuck, and take action. 

Using scientifically proven communication strategies to ripple out positive change to others, we increase their happiness and success at work, as well as our own, instantly making us more effective leaders. Michelle shares new research from the fields of positive psychology and neuroscience to show how, with simple communication habits that often take just a couple of minutes a day, you can ripple out positive change to others and create an upward spiral of success.

Learn more about Michelle Gielan :MichelleGielan.com     BroadcastingHappiness.com

Susan Shumsky: Awaken Your Third Eye: How Accessing Your Sixth Sense Can Help You Find Knowledge, Illumination, and Intuition.


It's not only Indian gods who have third eyes; Susan will share a meditation to help you access your own intuitive 6th sense of wisdom and illumination. Her technique, Divine Revelation®, is a unique, field-proven technology for contacting the divine presence, hearing and testing the inner voice, and receiving clear divine guidance. She'll tell fascinating, inspirational true stories that can help you find your connection to the Divine.

Learn more about Susan Shumsky: www.drsusan.org