Got an STD?

A former student wrote this honest and vulnerable letter, and wanted to share my reply with you all. Identifying details have been changed. Hi Maryanne, I'm having some very painful times right now, due to not following your really great advice in your workshop…I wondered if I could ask you something? I'm having a bit of an ethical dilemma. A friend set me up with this man, a well-known philanthropist;

Relationship Dirt Part 3: Top 5 questions you should ask every man on a first date

Mastering the art of the inner-view is worth every effort; slowing down, taking time to get to know someone and asking the tough questions, waiting to see if someone’s answers are revealed in their actions, remembering all the while that real love cannot be negotiated and great relationships begin within. And why not? What better investment is there when it comes to the real thing; authentic connection, the foundation for a loving, lasting relationship? Unless you’re convinced